Rent a bike for St. James Way / Jakobsweg / Camino de Santiago

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If you need rent a bike, with equipment to walk the Way of St. Jame / Jakobsweg / Chemin de St. Jaques, tell us how many days you will need, and your starting point. We will deliver your bicycle in your starting point, and you will return it in Santiago.


Pack Camino de Santiago bike reantal includes:

caminho de São Tiago en bicicleta

  • Bicycle with equipment to travel by bike
  • All equipment for cyclo-tourism routes: consult here
  • Delivery at your starting city o village (most of times, personally, and you can test it, before the route)
  • Return the bike in Santiago de Compostela, or another city (depending on availability)

Prices for each starting point and number of days

Note: In summer we recommend booking a few days or weeks in advance, to ensure availability in bikes number and size.

Interest: Tips of physiotherapy to the Camino de Santiago (download PDF)

Note: For so long routes, choose correctly your size bicycle: here